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WHEELS ON FIRE! Flamebasted Cacio e Pepe & Aber Falls whisky

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Gouda cheese wheel, cacio e pepe, Aber Falls whisky, Aber Falls waterfall

Whisky and cheese go together like Vincent Vega and Jules Winnifield = a smooth duo that packs a PUNCH. That's why, when making cacio e pepe, I paired fresh pasta and a beasty wheel of AGED-TO-THE-MAX Caws Teifi (a 4-year old Welsh gouda) with Aber Falls' new whisky, the first to be produced in north Wales in 100 YEARS! The distillery gets its name from Rhaeadr Fawr, aka Aber Falls in English, so it only felt right to turn the epic waterfall into my outdoor kitchen on the day I cooked this recipe...


  • A wheel of aged Teifi cheese (similar to Parmesan)

  • 00 Flour

  • Eggs

  • Whiskey from Aber Falls Distillery

  • Peppercorns


  • Start off by making the pasta with 00 flour. Form a well in the middle of the flour and add the eggs. You need one egg per 100g of flour. I mix it with a fork first before using my hands to bring the dough together. Knead it until it looks like Play-Doh before wrapping it in clingfilm and leaving to chill. Sorted!

  • Now get ready for some serious cheese-on-cheese action... I’ve carved the top off the cheese and scooped out the middle, turning this epic wheel into an off-the-hook pasta bowl!

  • To make the pasta, boil water in a pan and - once the dough has chilled - cut it into smaller pieces before pressing it down and putting it through the pasta maker. It’s fresh, so you’ll only need to cook it for around 3 minutes.

  • To make this dish next-level, I’ve got a small saucepan of whiskey from Aber Falls Distillery and I’m going to flambé it with a blow torch before pouring it into the cheese bowl. FLAMEBASTING, BABY!! Add the pasta and some of the starchy water which will melt the cheese. Give the pasta a stir before adding some crushed peppercorns and it’s ready! CHEERS!


  • Olwyn o gaws Teifi wedi’i aeddfedu (debyg i Parmesan)

  • Blawd 00

  • Wyau

  • Wisgi o Ddistyllfa Aber Falls

  • Grawn pupur


  • Dw i’n cychwyn trwy wneud pasta efo blawd ‘00’. Gwnewch bant bach yn ganol y blawd mewn powlen ac ychwanegu’r wyau. Am bob 100g o flawd ‘da chi eisiau un ŵy. Dw i’n dechra cymysgu efo fforc ac wedyn dwylo i mewn i ddod â’r toes at ei gilydd. ‘Chydig o ‘kneadio’ ’wan tan mae o fel Play-Doh yna’i lapio mewn clingfilm. Sorted!

  • Dw i ’di carfio’r top off y caws a tynnu ‘chydig o’r tu mewn allan i’w ddefnyddio fel powlen. Hwn ydi’r bowlen fwya' off-the-hook, caws-on-caws action gewch chi!

  • I gychwyn g’neud y pasta, dw i’n rhoi dŵr ar y tân. Unwaith mae’r toes wedi chillio ‘chydig, dw i’n ei dorri yn ddarnau llai, gwasgu fo i lawr ‘chydig a’i roi trwy’r teclyn gwneud pasta. Efo pasta ffres fel hwn, dim ond tua 3 munud fydd o angen yn y dŵr.

  • I ’neud pethau’n fwy next level, gen i sosban fach o wisgi o ddistyllfa Aber Falls - felly flambé amdani ’efo blow torch cyn ei arllwys i mewn i’r bowlen gaws. Strêt mewn ’efo’r pasta wedyn. Defnyddiwch y dŵr starchy o’r pasta i orchuddio’r cwbl a toddi’r caws. Dw i’n cymysgu’r pasta cyn ychwanegu grawn pupur wedi malu’n fân ac mae o’n barod! IECHYD DA!

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