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Goat and Seaweed Scrumpets & McDonald’s inspired curry sauce dip

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

goat meat and dulse seaweed scrumpets recipe

I first made this recipe with one of my food heroes, Black Axe Mangal's Lee Tiernan - and it turned out to be the most next-level ‘fish finger’ I’ve ever had!! We used dulse seaweed with Welsh lamb and made a mint sauce dip, but this time I'm getting my goat on with a McDonald's sweet curry sauce-inspired dip. The goat meat from ‘Cwt Caws’ on Anglesey is sublime. Totally free-range life, unreal depth of colour and beautiful fat marbling. OFF-THE-HOOK FLAVOUR! SURF AND TURF, BABY.


  • Dulse (seaweed)

  • Wakame

  • Goat shoulder


  • Place the meat in a roasting tin before making a simple marinade to go with it using garlic, oil, pepper, sea salt, dulse and wakame.

  • Cover the whole lot with Welsh beer!

  • Tuck the shoulders under some baking paper and wrap the lot in foil. Place in the oven for 3 hours on 170C.

  • When the shoulder blades come out smoothly, you know you’ve nailed it!

  • Let the meat cool down and line some baking tins with paper.

  • This is the most tender meat you'll ever see... separate it and place it in the tins with the seaweed. Top it up with the liquid from the roasting tin - that’s the beer and fat that’s rendered and fused with the salty seaweed.

  • Cover them in baking paper and press them down with another baking tin and a couple of cans before placing in the fridge over night.

  • Use flour, eggs and panko breadcrumbs mixed with oats to cover the slices of meat before frying them on medium heat.

  • Once they’re in the frying pan, let them develop a crust on each side (about 1 minute)

  • Once they’ve had a minute on each side they’re ready.

  • To go with them, make a sweet and spicy curry sauce with apricots, apples and coconut milk before blitzing it until it’s creamy - just like a next-level chip shop curry sauce!

Scrumpets cig gafr a gwymon

Hwn ydi'r 'fish finger' mwya’ next level dw i erioed wedi cael!


  • Dulse (Gwymon)

  • Wakame

  • Ysgwydd gafr


  • Iawn ta - scrumpets time! Rhowch y cig mewn tun a g’neud marinade syml i fynd efo fo - garlleg, olew, pupur, halen môr, dulse a’r wakame.

  • I fynd dros y cyfan - ‘chydig o biar Cymreig amdani!

  • Tycio’r ysgwyddau gafr efo baking paper a lapio’r cyfan efo foil cyn rhoi o yn y popty ar wres o 170C am 3 awr.

  • Ma’ hwn yn surf and turf next-level go iawn. Pan mae’r shoulder blade yn dod allan yn smooth - ti’n gwybod ti ‘di nailio hi!

  • Tra mae’r cig yn oeri, dwi’n leinio tunia’ pobi efo baking paper.

  • Hwn ydi’r cig mwya’ tender dw i erioed wedi gweld - torrwch fo’n ddarna’ a’i osod o yn y tunia’ efo’r gwymon.

  • Pan mae’r tunia’ wedi eu llenwi, topiwch nhw fyny efo’r hylif. Hwnna ydi’r biar a’r fat sydd wedi rendro a fusio efo’r gwymon hallt ‘na.

  • Wedyn, cyfro fo efo mwy o baking paper a pwyso nhw lawr efo tun arall a cwpl o cans cyn rhoi yn y ffrij dros nos.

  • Defnyddiwch blawd, wyau a panko breadcrumbs wedi cymysgu efo ceirch i gyfro sleisys o’r cig cyn ffrio nhw ar wres canolig.

  • Unwaith maen nhw yn y badell, gadewch iddyn nhw developio crust ar bob ochr (tua munud bob ochr).

  • Unwaith maen nhw ‘di cael tua munud dda bob ochr, maen nhw’n barod i ddod off y gwres.

  • I fynd efo hwn, g’newch curry sauce spicy a melys efo apricots, afalau a llefrith coconut wedyn blitzio fo fel bod o’n creamy - fatha curry siop chips next level!

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