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Surf 'n' turf scrumpets feat. Snowdonia mountain lamb & laverbread

Lee Tiernan Black Axe Mangal Chris Flamebaster Roberts cooking Welsh lamb scrumpets

I remember calling Lee Tiernan to talk recipes one morning, I was badly hungover and out taking Roxy for a walk. Who’d have thought that this call would lead to WALES’ NEW NATIONAL DISH!!!

Rewind to October 2019 when I was with my bro Tomos Parry, drinking lagerita cocktails outside Black Axe Mangal in Highbury, London after ordering EVERYTHING on the menu. The first plate to appear on our table was the ‘Crispy Fuckin’ Rabbit’ and it was insanely delicious. Low ‘n' slow, melt-in-the-mouth rabbit with a crispy crumb coating. So fuckin' good!!

So, when thinking of this next dish, I wanted us to put a Welsh spin on ‘Crispy Fuckin' Rabbit’ by combining Snowdonia mountain lamb with an oceanic vibe. ENTER: Lamb and seaweed scrumpets!! Love the nod to Welsh history with the laverbread & oats combo. The minerally hit from the dulse is beautiful and really complements the lamb. Laverbread is pure Welsh umami! You have gotta try this recipe! So good to make in advance too...


  • Welsh lamb breasts

  • Dulse seaweed

  • Confetti seaweed salt

  • Welsh beer

  • Flour

  • Eggs

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Oats

  • Olive oil

  • Mint sauce


  • Steam Welsh lamb breasts with dulse seaweed, confetti seaweed salt, and Welsh beer at 175°C for two hours.

  • Cool down.

  • Pick meat and some fat from the bone, mix in the steamed dulse and laverbread, place in a parchment lined container, add some of the cooking liquor too. Press with some heavy cans and leave to set in the fridge overnight.

  • Remove carefully from the container. Slice into thick strips. Flour, egg wash and cover with breadcrumbs & oats.

  • Fry on a gentle heat until golden brown.

  • Serve with mint sauce.

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